2020-2021 Schedule

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🚘⏰ Drop off & Pickup Proceedures

⚠️ The times on the schedule represent your drop off & pickup times.

  1. Markers are outside the studio for the Drop off line. Due to occupancy limits, only students & staff are aloud in the building. PreK & Kindergarten students may be escorted by a guardian.
  2. Students will enter & go directly through the temperature check line.
  3. After temperature check, students will go directly to class for attendance.

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✚ Safety Precautions

LibertyMe’s utmost priority is the safety of our community. The following precautions are held with the highest standard & attention to detail.

At Home Procedures

  • Get dressed for dance at home.
  • Bring your dance shoes in a separate gym bag.
  • Pack a water bottle.

Parent Drop Off Procedures

  • Parents & Guardians must drop off the students in the parking lot.
  • Masks must be worn to enter the building.
  • Our studio door will be open at all times to eliminate a touch point.
  • Parents & Guardians are not allowed in the lobby during class.

Parent Pick Up Procedures

  • The Lobby will be off limits for parent pick up. 
  • We will be offering outdoor pickup only.
  • Please remain in the parking lot as students finish class.

Safety Requirements in Class

  • Students & Teachers are required to wear masks during class & throughout the building.
  • Studio front door & classroom doors stay open to eliminate touch points.
  • Hand Sanitizer is provided & required at the entrance of each classroom.
  • Assigned Dance Squares: Our classroom dance floors will be taped with 10 x 10 dance squares for the teachers & students to dance within.  The students will stay within their square during class.
  • We are no longer offering locker storage. Instead, each studio will be outfitted with coat hooks on the wall, 10 feet apart. Before class, the students may hang their coats & gym bags on the hooks. All items must be taken at the end of class.

The Lobby

  • ✅ Parents & Guardians are allowed in the lobby for billing questions at the front desk – however, we highly suggest calls or emails.
  • ⛔️ Parents & Guardians are not welcome in the lobby while classes are in session.

The Bathrooms

  • If possible, we ask students to use the bathroom at home before class to reduce bathroom visits.
  • Students will get permission from their teachers to leave the classroom for a bathroom break.  
  • Only one student will be allowed for a bathroom break at a time.
  • Each studio (Studio A & B) will have their own assigned bathroom, Bathroom A & B.
  • After each use of the bathroom our manager will sanitize the bathroom door handle, sink handle & toilet with a disinfectant wipe.